Do you have heterochromia?

Yes, I do. My eyes have always been slightly different colors.
And yes, this actually is the question I get most often in the comments.


Where are you from?

I was born and raise in Kyiv, Ukraine, but moved to the US when I was 16.
I'm currently living in Chicago.


What equipment do you use?

I use the same camera and lens for my photos and videos. It's a NIKON D5100 with a 50mm lens.
As for lighting—it's a combination of natural and artificial light. Up until June 2017 I was using an 18" Ring Light (the exact same one is no longer available, but you can easily find one online), starting June 2017 I switched to two LED panels: Neewer CN-160 and Neewer CN-304.


Can I see your bookshelf and blu-ray collection?

Yes! You can find all of my collection and tour videos in this playlist.


What's your favorite movie / book / comic book / TV show?

How can I possibly pick?!


How do you read so much?

Reading is something I love to do. It's not a chore for me, so I make time for it every day—it's my way to relax. I also listen to audiobooks when I'm stuck in traffic or when I'm doing something that doesn't require my full attention.


Make a reaction video to the <insert movie title> trailer!

OK, this isn't technically a question, it's more of a demand that I get pretty often. Reaction videos just aren't something I'm interested in doing, particularly because I tend to avoid trailers in general. If you want to know my opinion about a trailer, just ask me on social media—I will do my best to reply, if it's a trailer I've seen.


Why don't you make "worst of ..." lists?

This just isn't something that I'm interested in doing. Being negative about a movie or a book isn't something I enjoy. Of course, I'm not someone who likes everything they read and watch, but making a list dedicated to trashing someone else's work just doesn't sound like fun to me.


Will you subscribe to my channel/blog?
Follow me on Twitter/Instagram/whatever?

This is a delicate subject, so don't take this the wrong way. I get a lot of people asking me to subscribe and follow, and while I'm always looking for new interesting people to follow, I only have so much time in my day to keep up with my subscription feeds. When I follow someone it's because I actually want to see their updates, and that's why the amount of people I follow is pretty limited. I have no idea how people keep up with subscription feeds that have 500+ people in them—I have trouble keeping up with 100. So if I don't follow you—I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me, I promise.