5 "Game of Thrones" Theories I Can Get Behind


Season 5 finally premiered last Sunday, and I've also been reading A Clash of Kings, so I am totally in the Game of Thrones zone right now! It's a good place to be, I'm not going to lie. The recent related topic a lot of people have been talking about is how the show is going to diverge from the books—there have been changes here and there before, but now it's been made official: HBO has caught up to the books on some story lines and they're going to start doing their own thing. Now, I've also read that George R.R. Martin has told the show creators where he's taking things in the future books, but since it's all very secretive, all we can do at this point is speculate. Today, I thought I would share 5 theories I have about the show and where it's going.

Show SPOILERS ahead. Obviously.



Let's start with one of the most popular theories out there: R + L = J. At this point, I think most people believe that Jon is NOT Ned Stark's bastard, but is in fact a child of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Though I think this would be an interesting turn of events, I actually don't believe this will be true, especially in the show. For starters, back in season 1 Ned actually mentions a woman called Wylla in conversation with Robert. Then there is this whole thing in the books where Jon burns his hand severely during the whole dead-ranger-turned-walker commotion in season/book 1. He actually has to keep flexing his hand after it's healed to return better mobility to it. Now, if there was one thing we learned from season 1, it's that a true dragon isn't hurt by fire. Of course, Viserys (Daenerys's brother) was a Targaryen and was very much hurt by fire, but if Jon's big reveal is that he is a Targaryen, why would he be a lame non-dragon?

Furthermore, guessing the identity of Jon's mother was the test George R.R. Martin gave Benioff and Weiss (the creators of the show), who were allowed to adapt the books after guessing correctly. If you ask me, the R + L = J theory is WAY too obvious to be a true test.



Now, here's a Targaryen parentage theory I can get behind: Tyrion's father is actually Aerys Targaryen. Say WHAT? Well, while looking into the history of house Targaryen, I found a few peculiar mentions of Aerys Targaryen having a "thing" for Joanna Lannister (Tywin's wife and Tyrion's mother). Could she refuse the King? Here is his description in the book: "One green eye and one black one peered out from under a lank fall of hair so blond it seemed white." That white blond hair sure sounds familiar, while the rest of the Lannisters are gold-haired. The different colored eyes could also be meaningful: the green is appropriate for a Lannister, but the black could signify another bloodline. And then there is his obsession with dragons... Obviously, the show didn't really go for the physical appearance, but there is something about Tyrion being on his way to meet Daenerys that sets off my radar. Who knows what secrets Varys is keeping from us...



Oh, how I miss this guy, and I sincerely hope we will see him again once we catch up with Arya in Braavos. So here's something to consider: Jaquen is part of The Faceless Men—a group of assassins with this insane ability to change faces. Remember that WTF scene from season 2? No? Take a look here. Now, I'm thinking back to Syrio Forel, the First Sword of Braavos, the guy who taught Arya how to use a sword. Though we assume he's dead, we never actually saw him die. Is it a coincidence Syrio is from the same place as The Faceless Men? Or is it possible that Jaqen and Syrio are actually the same person? Listen to what Jaqen says about killing guards: it's "no harder than taking a new name". Also, right before he changes his face he also says "Jaquen is dead." Makes you wonder, doesn't it? Valar Morghulis.



Bad news: supposedly, Bran and Hodor aren't in season 5. Good news: according to the Three-Eyed Raven at the end of season 4, Bran will fly. Between that and his visions, I'm 99% sure Bran will do what nobody has done before—warg into a dragon. Here's the thing: when in season 1 Bran got pushed out of the window, I thought his only function was to propel actions of other characters. Then, when I saw him sticking around, I thought he was a placeholder character. But as he keeps getting more powerful and more mysterious (not to mention, he's actually one of the POV characters in the books), I am more and more convinced this guy is endgame. There is also the business with the prophecy of "The Dragon shall have three heads", which is revealed to Daenerys at the House of the Undying. It's pretty safe to assume she is one of the heads, but I'm betting on Bran being one of the heads as well. As for the third—time will tell. I'm going back to my Tyrion theory—otherwise we will have two Stark-related dragons. 



Sansa is another character I believe to be increasingly more important. I've already talked about her being one of my favorite characters in this video, and with Petyr's guidance I'm sure she will play the game well. I've been convinced she will become Queen of the North for a while now, and the shots of her at Winterfell in the season 5 trailer make me very excited. I feel like she's about to go troll the Boltons like there is no tomorrow. Lord Baelish clearly gives her the blessings (or mission) to avenge her family.

But the prophecy young Cersei received from the witch in the first episode of season 5 got me thinking. Obviously, Cersei thinks the one who is more beautiful to take her place and take everything away from her is Margaery, while we are all thinking Daenerys. But what if it's actually Sansa? This may be a bit far-fetched, but I'm starting to think Daenerys is too obvious of a choice—the show has never failed to surprise us, and I honestly expect the true meaning of the prophecy to come at us out of nowhere.

So what do you guys think? Do you have any theories for the show?

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