October Book Haul | 2014

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Well, that's a new kind of post, isn't it? See, here is the situation: I have been doing a lot of book shopping lately. So why not share what I've been buying here? If you've been reading my blog for at least a couple of weeks, you probably already know how much I love reading, so I hope you don't mind seeing this kind of haul. Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them!

First of all, I invested in a couple of volumes of Saga, which I mentioned in my October Favorites video. The idea was to slowly get through them, dragging things out until the next volume is released in December (which obviously didn't work out that way). I keep recommending this to people—it's such a fun comic book series for adults, it has everything you can imagine, and more. Then, the internet has talked me into Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, which is a YA fantasy trilogy (I've also read a few pages of the book sample and loved the writing). You may wonder why these three books look beat up if they're new... Well, it's because I REALLY didn't like the US covers—I thought the art looked kind of cheap and tacky, so I had to hunt down the UK editions (at least one is used). Yes, I'm that person who wants pretty covers. I collect books, OK? My final fantasy purchase was the last available book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series: A Dance with Dragons. Now my Game of Thrones blu-ray and book collection is up to date.

Moving on to more a more contemporary setting, I bought a horror/mystery book called Horrorstör. I've been in the mood for this genre lately, and also this book looks like an IKEA catalogue (seriously, look it up). UnDivided is the final book of the UnWind series, which I am a big fan of. I pre-odrered this one a while ago and forgot about it, so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The series is YA dystopia with some science fiction involved, and if you want a quality dystopian book that will creep you out a bit, I highly recommend the UnWind series.

Up at the front I have a mix of things: a zombie novel, a story about ambition and superpowers, and a historical fiction book based on folklore. The zombie novel is Warm Bodies, which you may have heard about because a few years ago there was a movie under the same title, based on this book. It's written in first-person zombie narrative—doesn't that sound like fun? Then, Vicious is the story about ambition and superpowers: it follows two friends, who may have figured out a way to gain extraordinary abilities. Finally, Deathless blends history, Stalinism, war, and Russian folklore—I couldn't pass this one up.

Now, to see which of these I've actually read in October, check out my latest video:

Have you bought any exciting books lately?

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