Looper (2012) | Movie Review

Looper 01.jpg

Release date: September 28, 2012
Runtime: 1 hr. 49 min. 
MPAA rating: R

Looper - an assassin hired by a criminal organization from the future to take out targets sent from the future to the present, which in our case is year 2042. A looper must kill the target on sight and dispose of the body, even if the target is his future self. What do we get when Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis are the same person 30 years apart? One awesome time travel action movie! I must confess, I'm a sucker for Bruce Willis, so Looper was going to be a hit with me no matter what. However, it actually turned out better than I thought it would.

I thought the story was very original and I liked that while the film still had a lot of fun action scenes and chases, it managed to have a deeper meaning as well. There are questions of nature versus nurture, self preservation versus sacrifice for the greater good, blindly serving a purpose etc. I could spend all day talking about all of these and more, but I'm just going to give my favorite example without giving too much away. Just as it is apparent from the trailer, we see young Joe in 2042 as a selfish and rough individual: executing his targets without a shade of doubt, spending his nights in a drug haze and not dwelling on personal relationships. Enter the same Joe from 2074 - he seems evolved, looking to make a difference, trying to change the course of the future. I immediately jumped to rooting for him: let's face it, everyone loves a bad-boy-turned-good character. The story that followed, however, made me rethink this - is the older Joe really a better person or is he still only serving his own interests, willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for what he wants? Is he looking out for the greater good and if he is, are his actions justified?

Then there is the time travel. This is really the only thing contributing to so called "plot holes" in Looper, mostly because it's hard to really explain. I honestly wouldn't focus on it too much - just accept Time as something nonlinear and future as a myriad of possibilities rather than a solid path. After the movie I got caught up dissecting how changes in the present would change the future and if the characters would still be in this situation after some of the events... The more I thought about the more confusing it got, so take my advice: remember this is still an action movie and take it for what it is without overanalyzing how things would really work.

I enjoyed Looper a lot and I definitely recommend it to all action fans, even though there a few moments that will make people cringe. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes the Bruce Willis make up work surprisingly well, picking up on the mannerisms and facial expressions. The two being the same person is very believable for the most part and overall more convincing than I ever thought it would be. And Bruce Willis? Well... He's Bruce Willis - enough said.