Divergent by Veronica Roth | Book Review


Release date: May3, 2011
Series: Divergent (Book #1)
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

After some internal struggle on the subject of "I really should get back to reading serious literature," I gave up and decided to continue my Young-Adult-Dystopian-Novel education. Taking what everyone else seems to be reading into consideration, I made a few clicks on my Kindle and ended up downloading a sample of Divergent. About 10 minutes later I bought the full book.

I think I was initially drawn to Divergent over other books in the genre because it was set in Chicago, and it definitely turned out to be fun to picture the action unfold in familiar surroundings. I also loved the idea of five factions, what they stood for, what their original function was in the society and how messed up it all got. As expected, the book was very fast paced and a quick read. It almost felt too quick to me at times, lacking details, but I guess that made sense taking into account that the novel is first-person narrative. On the other hand I felt a strong connection to the leading characters, even though I didn't find anyone to be very likable. There was a fair amount of cliffhanger chapter endings and unexpected turns, with the final pages clearly leading into the second book (what is it with all the trilogies lately?)

Overall, this was an enjoyable read, especially since the genre is new to me. I will definitely be reading Insurgent and the third book (whenever it comes out.) I am not surprised this is already in the works of being made into a movie - let's hope it will be a good one.

Has anyone else read this? If so, what faction do you think you would choose? I personally am on the fence between Dauntless and Erudite, based purely on the ideals and beliefs of course.