Hello (again)!

hello again

Well, hello there!

It may not look that way, but I used to blog here pretty regularly, even way before I started my YouTube channel. Though that was a whole different story—since then, I've changed topics, layouts, and formats. I've taken long breaks and short ones. You'd think by now, considering how much time I spend on YouTube, I'd give up on blogging completely.

But I've missed this. I've missed writing, I've missed having a reason to take photos, I've missed talking about books more, and I've missed being a part of the book blogger community. So, I'm not going to miss those things anymore—I'm just going to get right back into it! 

However, sometimes you just need a fresh start. I'll admit, I've been contemplating this blogging comeback for a few months, but every time I looked at my website I got bogged down by some of my "recent" (a.k.a. old, but most recent for my blog) posts—some just weren't something that fit my idea for this blog anymore, some made me feel like I need to catch up on everything I didn't post about, and some I just didn't like. So, and this may seem a bit extreme, I've purged A LOT of posts from this blog, keeping only the ones I really liked, and now I feel much more motivated (don't worry, I haven't removed them completely, they're just on a hidden blog page now, so if you really want to find an old review—check my archives pages for specific links)

So what should you expect to see here now? My plans are pretty simple: first and foremost, a lot of book-related content—that's going to be the vast majority of my posts. I may also post about film, or share what I'm up to on my channel from time to time, but books will be the main focus, and I hope some of you are still here for that.

That's it for now! I have a couple of new posts for you today, just to get things going, so if you're curious about my Autumn TBR and/or what I've read in August—those two are up right after this one. See you there!

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