April Book Haul | 2015

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You know you buy a lot of books when you give yourself a pat on the back for buying ONLY (?!) 11 in a month. Still, I would say my efforts to buy less books have been successful compared to last month's haul. I'm also taking some books that I've read and didn't love to a used books store today, so I'm definitely taking it easy on my bookshelf this April. Now, onto the books! Between some of these being pretty short, others being available only in paperback, and shameless cover shopping, I ended up with all paperbacks this month. This is quite unusual for me, since I normally prefer hardcovers, but I am very happy with all of these editions.

Blindness by José Saramago tells a story of a city hit by a sweeping epidemic of "white blindness", which sounds rather terrifying. A few years ago I saw a movie under the same name, which was apparently based on this novel, and while I didn't love the movie, I thought the concept was intriguing. I'm very interested in checking out the source material. Another book that became a movie is A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (this one I haven't watched)—something that I've heard about over and over again, and yet I somehow know nothing about the plot. All I know is that this is a dystopian novel, which automatically piques my interest. To complete this set of books with a grim outlook on life, I also picked up The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter—a collection of dark fairy tale retellings. Something like this is usually a hit or miss for me, but I've heard a lot of people rave about this book, so I'm giving it a shot.

I put A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki on my to-read list after watching this video, so when I saw it on sale for $5 at Barnes & Noble I decided it was fate. It sounds like a fascinating cultural journey! During the same stroll through the bookstore, I picked up The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne—I've been wanting to read this for a while, as the topic of WWII and the Holocaust is very interesting to me. Later, I decided to get two more novels by Cormac McCarthy: No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridian. I don't have a very specific reason for picking these up—in general, I decided that I needed to read more Cormac McCarthy, especially since Blood Meridian is on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. But also, I really like the colors of these editions, so that was a factor as well.

Probably my favorite April purchases are The Last Wish and Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski. I have been wanting to get my hands on The Witcher book series for some time now, but they are a pain to find. Until recently there was a really odd publishing situation happening (it's a long story) where book 2 in the series was skipped and it was unclear if books 5 and 6 were going to be published in English at all (the series is originally written in Polish). Finally, there has been a confirmation of ALL of the books being translated and published in English within the next couple of years, which makes me very excited. These two are books 1 and 3, but book 2 is being released at the end of May, so I will be getting my hands on that as soon as I can. I will be telling you much more about The Witcher series eventually, but trust me, these are amazing fantasy books.

Finally, I picked up two very different classics: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov and The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. I don't think either of them need an introduction—one is a famous French historical fiction novel, and the other is a science fiction staple. Somehow, they're both blue, and I adore the covers!

What books did you pick up in April?