Argo (2012) | Movie Review

Argo 01.jpg

Release date: October 12, 2012
Runtime: 2 hr.
MPAA rating: R

My movie weekend is definitely off to a great start. What a fantastic film this was! I was into every second of it, from beginning to end. Argo tells an unbelievable rescue story of six Americans, who were hiding in the home of a Canadian ambassador in Iran during the revolution. Based on the true events of 1979, the film keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats with escalating tension. It opens with a brief narration of events leading up to the situation and immediately throws you into the thick of the action. There is no unnecessary graphic violence, no guts spilled for shock value, no flashy Hollywood-style chases - Argo is about great storytelling.

Let me be a fangirl for a minute here: I love Ben Affleck. I'm a firm believer that even though he sometimes gets unlucky with movies that don't work out, it's not because he's a bad actor. He has done a lot of amazing work throughout his career and it's a shame that it sometimes gets overlooked because of the few off-years he had. I also think he has a direct line to my emotions, because I am yet to see a movie where he doesn't make me cry. Now back to Argo. Affleck has already proven himself as director and writer with films like The Town, Gone Baby Gone, and of course Good Will Hunting. Argo is no exception - he does a brilliant job directing it as well as being the lead actor. As far as the role of Tony Mendez, I thought it was a bit of a departure from the usual for him and it was definitely interesting to watch. While most in most films Ben Affleck plays a sensitive guy, who is trying to get some part of his life together, he is not that guy in Argo. There still are glimpses of that side of him here, but it's not what his character is focused on. He did fantastic work with this movie and I will be really surprised if Argo is not one of the major players at the Academy Awards.

Of course, Ben Affleck is not the only one deserving praise for this: the film is so well put together and the entire cast is amazing. I love the attention to details: from the vintage looking opening credits, to every piece of set and wardrobe, to hair and makeup, and even to the film footage mirroring the historical footage during end credits. While this a very intelligent film, the writing remains very accessible for the viewers, even humorous at times. When so many political thrillers are packed with complicated plot lines it was refreshing to be able to easily follow the story.

Don't hesitate to see this! Argo is absolutely worth all the praise and buzz it has been getting. I loved it! If I had to rate it, it would definitely be a 5 out of 5 for me.